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    Looking for Aircon Gas Top-Up Service?

    An air-conditioning system is mechanical and electrical, and will sooner or later experience some measure of failure. A sure sign that there is something wrong with the way your system operates is if it is not cooling enough, often due to gas leakage.

    Air conditioning units typically use two different types of gas – R22 and R410. Occasionally these gases leak from the AC unit, which will subsequently need an aircon gas top up. 

    Why Is It Important to Regularly Check and Top Up Gas?

    It is essential to perform regular checks on the gas levels of your AC unit, especially during routine servicing.

    Over time, air conditioners experience corrosion and wear-and-tear issues. Some parts will need replacing from time to time, to keep the whole unit safe to use and operating in peak condition. One of the consequences of not servicing your unit is that it will begin to blow hot air instead of cold air. It can also fail to heat a room during the colder months. 

    In most cases, the problem is mechanical and not overly significant, but if your unit is leaking coolant, then it needs immediate attention. Gas leakages are rare, and you shouldn't need to recharge your unit more than once a year. However, if you notice that you are experiencing regular gas leakages, then this could be indicative of an underlying malfunction. You should have your local licensed AC technicians perform a thorough examination of the unit.

    When Do I Need An Aircon Gas Top Up?

    The answer is regularly. Some months in Singapore are sweltering and humid, meaning that your unit is working overtime during that time of year. Air conditioners are essential in homes and offices, especially during the hot months. If you do not have the proper level of gas in your unit, then you might not experience optimal performance. It is therefore essential that you regularly top up the gas of your unit.

    As a guideline, aircon gas top up in Singapore should be performed:

    • After a routine repair of the unit, where some gas is usually lost
    • If you notice any water leakage
    • If our AC unit does not blow cold air while in operation
    • When you see ice deposits on the unit's coils
    • If the unit’s compressor continuously runs
    • When the AC unit repeatedly goes on and off
    • When the performance is continually under par

    Type of Gas Available for Top Up

    R22 or Freon Gas

    This aircon gas was first used as an environmentally-friendly alternative to CFCs. However, it was soon discovered that its environmental credentials did not hold up because it is a hydro-chlorofluorocarbon gas. These gases harm the surrounding environment and deplete the earth's ozone layer. Most new air conditioning units do not run on this gas.

    If you have an air-conditioning unit powered by R22, you should faithfully service it to avoid expensive and complicated gas leaks. R22 units are no longer used in residential homes, and it can be hard to maintain this type of unit. Regular maintenance keeps the unit in peak condition, saving you unnecessary expense and the need to do an expensive full R22 gas recharge.

    R410A or Puron Gas

    R410A has all but replaced R22 in most parts of the world. It has recognizable environmental credentials and is more efficient while decreasing your aircon gas top up price.

    It is more efficient at releasing and absorbing and is less damaging to the earth’s ozone layer as it is a hydro-fluorocarbon gas. One disadvantage is that it will not work with older AC units. Check your unit's year of manufacture; if it is more recent, it will likely be operating on R410A gas. 

    The Process of Topping Up Gas

    Refrigerants pull heat out of the surrounding air and transport it through the air-conditioning system. Topping up refrigerants (gas) means ensuring there is enough in the AC unit to allow the unit to work correctly.

    The qualified technician follows a set of procedures to ensure the aircon gas top up is thorough, safe, and efficient. They will:

    • Check all the components of the AC unit, locating the suction line and the discharge line, and unscrew the bolt to the suction line
    • Check the compressor as well as the fluid levels of the residual refrigerant
    • Confirm the type of refrigerant your unit uses, and the desired level for your system
    • Determine if there is an issue with the refrigerant levels; if there’s a significant leak, then they will determine if it’s worth doing a full recharge
    • If the leak is insignificant, the technician will top up the gases and perhaps do a full recharge at a later date

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