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    Air conditioner installation systems vary depending on the type of building that needs air conditioning. Singapore is a tropical paradise with some months being hotter than others and therefore exerting more pressure on the all-essential air conditioning system. Choosing the appropriate air-conditioning system for your building is crucial to ensure energy-efficiency, and to save on cost.

    Installation systems vary from centralized aircon to wall-mounted split systems and ceiling cassette units. CoolX Aircon are certified experts in aircon installation in Singapore. We have over ten years of experience in installation, servicing and can advise you on the best system for your property, be it residential, commercial, HBD, or industrial. 

    Factors to Consider Before Getting an Aircon Installation

    Room Sizes, Room Functions, and BTUs

    You must first determine an air-conditioning’s unit ability to cool a room before proceeding with an aircon installation in Singapore. This consideration is crucial because if you get the measurements wrong, your space could end up being too warm or too cold. The standard British Thermal Unit, or BTU rating, measures an AC unit’s capacity, ensuring that you get the correct unit for your space.

    If your space faces the afternoon sun, add 10% to the total BTU figure, whereas if your space does not receive much sunlight, subtract 10% from the BTU. Room function is also essential. Living rooms need 600 – 800 BTUs per person, while kitchens require 4,000 BTUs. For commercial spaces, 250 – 300 square feet need 7,000 BTUs, while an area between 1,000 – 4,000 square feet needs on average 24,000 BTUs.


    Air conditioner installation processes vary according to type and have different costs. Ductless split systems, suitable for apartments and condominiums, cost more than packaged, centralized aircon installations, which are ideal for commercial office spaces. Cheaper still are evaporative cooler systems.
    Portable air conditioners are the most affordable, often found in retail stores and used primarily in homes.

    Advanced Features

    Most homeowners in Singapore head down to electronic retailers like Gain City or Harvey Norman to get their air-conditioning units; these establishments may often try to up-sell extras with the unit.
    Such extras include tube insulation, air conditioner filters, dryers and receivers, casings and casing parts, and mufflers. It may be worth considering these parts to prolong the lifespan of your unit and lower maintenance costs. 

    Common Mistakes to Avoid When Getting an Aircon Installation

    Hiring An Unlicensed Contractor

    Cheap can be expensive. Make sure you hire a licensed, experienced aircon installer like CoolX who will carry out a secure installation. We will save you repair, maintenance, and inefficient energy costs down the line.

    Not Getting A Written Quotation For The Installation

    Always get a written installation quotation that details payment terms, installation guarantees, work timeframes, and any warranties. Without this, you are opening yourself to misunderstandings and incorrect installation processes.

    Buying the Wrong Size AC Unit

    Each air conditioner installation system is designed for a specific room size, each with different heating and cooling needs. As discussed earlier, these are determined by BTUs.

    Calculating the proper BTUs can prevent loss of money and increase energy efficiency. Our certified technicians can provide you with an accurate assessment of the most appropriate system for your space.

    What Type of Installation Does CoolX Do?

    Office Commercial Centralized Aircon Systems

    This type of central aircon system is ideal for small commercial buildings and commercial offices. The centralized nature of the system makes it easy to control and is very economical for these mid-sized to large buildings.

    Wall-Mounted Split Systems

    This type of split AC system is the most economical for residential apartments and condominiums. An evaporator coil removes moisture and heat from the air before it enters the home. An indoor component connected to a network of ducts, working in tandem with a giant blower, throws cold air through each duct to reach every room of the condominium.

    Ceiling Cassette Units

    Ceiling cassette air conditioning units are ideal for retail spaces or commercial offices with false gypsum or acoustical ceilings. They are famously space-saving, and air can be discharged in multiple directions. Quiet to operate, they are flexible in installation and can be placed in the corner or the middle of the space. 

    Get The Best Aircon Installation Prices In Singapore With CoolX Aircon!

    So should you need a professional aircon installer, call us for the best and most affordable air conditioner installation prices in Singapore. We assure you of an in-depth and free consultation, quality service, and friendly customer care. Call us today; you will not regret it.

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