Best Aircon Chemical Wash and Overhaul Cleaning Service in Singapore

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    What is Aircon Chemical Cleaning?

    Air-conditioning systems need regular maintenance to keep them operating in peak condition. One of the best ways of doing this is by performing a regular aircon chemical wash. This deep-clean procedure is especially important in the challenging, tropical Singaporean heat, which does take quite a toll on your AC unit.

    Chemical washes use specific, industrial-grade chemicals suitable for your particular AC unit that dissolve even the most stubborn of dirt, particles, and deposits. An aircon chemical overhaul in Singapore is a crucial part of your unit's maintenance regimen. It is highly recommended from time to time to protect and maintain your installation. 

    Why Use a Chemical Cleaning Solution?

    Accumulated dirt and grime is hard to remove, primarily if your AC unit has not been serviced in a long time. Soap and water won't do. Aircon chemical cleaning uses unique alkaline, industrial-grade chemicals that clean more efficiently than mere soap and water.

    The main chemical used in an aircon chemical wash is sodium hydroxide. It can only be applied by a trained professional who has the specialized knowledge needed to follow manufacturer instructions and dilute it to the correct proportions. If the solution is not adequately diluted or is too acidic, it may end up doing more harm than good to the air-conditioning unit. The unit must also be cleaned out well with water after a chemical wash as a safety measure, to ensure that the residents do not inhale the associated hazardous fumes after that.

    Alkaline chemical cleaning solutions penetrate deeply without causing any damage to the unit and quickly and efficiently remove all unwanted dirt from all components of the aircon. This action cleans the hard-to-reach areas of your unit, like coils, fans, and compressors, and protects these parts from corrosion while extending their life-span.

    Chemical washes have the added advantage of helping your unit cool a room much faster. They help to keep energy efficiency high and electricity bills low. These specialized cleaning solutions also help to get rid of microorganisms such as bacteria, which could spread contaminated air throughout the home or office. They are excellent sanitizers, which ensure that the air you are breathing remains healthy. 

    What Does An Aircon Chemical Wash Entail?

    An aircon chemical wash is a detailed procedure that is best done by a trained professional. First, trained technicians dismantle the AC unit carefully, including the fan's coil and electrical controls. The chemical solution is then sprayed and rubbed on the entire unit, leaving it clean and free of grime.

    All parts, such as the filters, covers, blower, and drainage tray, are cleaned and then washed down with a pressure water hose. Drainage systems are also cleared of any debris using a vacuum cleaner.

    Chemical overhauls go even deeper than a chemical wash. They ensure that the drainage pipes are clean enough to allow for the free flow of water, prolonging the optimal performance of the unit. A chemical overhaul is usually done annually, not like a chemical wash, which is every 3 – 6 months depending on the demands on your unit. To keep your unit operating optimally for years, try to incorporate both procedures.

    Why Is An Aircon Chemical Wash Price Higher Than Regular Aircon Cleaning In Singapore?

    An aircon chemical wash in Singapore is useful for keeping your AC unit operating at maximum efficiency in the challenging tropical heat. Apart from maintenance, this valuable maintenance service is sufficient enough to restore any older air-conditioning units that have been out of operation for a while.

    Chemical washing uses strong alkaline solutions to loosen up the dirt, grime, and dust.

    The aircon chemical wash price in Singapore is slightly higher than a regular aircon cleaning service because of the use of specialized, industrial-grade chemicals that deep clean the AC unit. Despite the higher price, this service provides value for money when done professionally, because of just how beneficial it is. It keeps all parts of the unit working in peak condition, lowering subsequent maintenance costs. 

    Why Choose CoolX Aircon? 

    We Deliver Emergency Aircon Repair and Maintenance Services

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    Professional Technicians

    Our engineers and technicians are highly professional and qualified in aircon servicing and installation. With this calibre of personnel, we will always deliver high-quality service.

    Over 10 Years of Experience

    Cool Safe Aircon is a fully-licensed contractor, authorised to install, maintain, repair, and service air conditioning systems in residential, HDB, commercial, and industrial facilities.

    Our ten years of experience in air conditioner servicing empowers us to install safely and by regulations, protecting your investment.

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    We believe in our services and assure you of absolute, risk-free services. If you encounter any problem with our workmanship, do not hesitate; give us a call, and we will attend to the problem right away.

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