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    About CoolX Aircon Servicing

    CoolX Aircon Servicing Singapore is a reliable and established aircon service Singapore company for commercial, residential, and industrial properties. Our expert team comes with over ten years of technical know-how and customer care experience.

    Our team is fully accredited, which means you can count on us for outstanding and reliable services. Call us today, and our expert team will contact you as soon as possible. We also have a special team that attends to emergency aircon servicing and repairs.

    Our Reliable Aircon Services

    Aircon Servicing

    We help to keep your air-conditioning systems clean and well-maintained with the best, cheap aircon servicing in Singapore. Air-conditioning installations are prone to micro-deposits and operational damage, which may not be easily visible. It is always a good idea to clean and keep the systems in mint condition through regular and thorough servicing. Regular servicing also saves you money in the long run by ensuring the performance of your installation and keeping energy use down.

    Our professional technicians will, among other things, vacuum the drainage system, deodorize your cooling unit, clean the filters, and check compressor suction.

    Aircon Troubleshooting

    It is no surprise that older AC installations tend to break down from time to time due to operational damage and normal wear and tear.

    Our team is the best aircon repair in Singapore and will troubleshoot and replace faulty filters, thermostats or coils, and fix any refrigerant issues quickly and efficiently. Our professional technicians use their judgment to advise you on whether to replace any faulty parts, saving you unnecessary expense.

    Aircon Servicing Contracts

    We also offer specialized service contracts, especially for commercial installations. Routine maintenance contracts help to keep up and improve performance, maximize efficiency, ensure a long lifespan for your unit, and avoid frequent, expensive breakdowns. A service contract encompasses all these factors, but incorporates long-term, routine visits, to ensure you are keeping your system operating optimally.

    Our aircon service contracts save you money by pre-empting any malfunctions, providing priority service, and cutting labour costs. 

    Aircon Installation

    Be it residential, commercial, industrial-scale, or HDB air conditioning installations, here at CoolX Aircon servicing, we've got you covered in Singapore! We have over ten years of experience in installing top air conditioner brands, including, but not limited to, Daikin, LG, Carrier, Panasonic, and Mitsubishi Electric.

    We know that installation quality is crucial. Having the right company install your air-conditioning system for you could help you save on energy, time, and costs.

    We will install your aircon to ensure that it cools your space faster and saves you money over time.

    Aircon Gas Top-Up

    All mechanical systems experience failure at some point or another in their operation. Aircon systems use refrigerants to keep them working, much like the coolants found in standard domestic refrigerators.

    Occasionally these refrigerants need a top-up of gas due to improper installation or leaks. We will go over the whole unit to first identify the cause of the problem before topping up the system with R410 or R22 gas, whichever is suitable for your particular AC unit.

    Aircon Chemical Wash

    An aircon chemical wash is our trade term for deep cleaning your air conditioning system. We use specialized, industry-grade chemicals suitable for your unit that dissolve even the most stubborn of dirt. This cleaning method is the safest and quickest method to remove all harmful substances from your cooling system and keep your unit functioning optimally.

    Our Aircon Repair Works 

    Aircon Fan Motor Replacement

    We are proven experts in repairing or replacing malfunctioning motors and fan belts, capillary tubes, control boards, capacitors, and more. We also have long-lasting solutions for noisy cooling systems, lubrication, and fins, as well as repairing or replacing many other system components.

    Our motto is always to deal with minor problems quickly and efficiently to prevent those becoming more significant, more expensive problems down the line. CoolX Aircon offers reliable, cheap aircon servicing in Singapore.

    Aircon Leak Checking

    Refrigerants keep the aircon system working and any malfunctions in the cooling system can prove not only expensive to fix but also dangerous. The anti-freeze liquid that comprises the refrigerant transfers heat from one unit to the other, and without this liquid, the system can completely shut down, necessitating a complete overhaul, or worse, an expensive replacement.

    Our professional technicians have years of experience in dealing with any leakages efficiently. We use various methods to confirm leakages and to identify any air leakages in the system’s air vents.

    Daikin VRV System Repair

    We are also proven specialists in providing a range of Daikin VRV Systems and repairing them. VRV systems offer high energy efficiency levels and operate more quietly than traditional HVAC systems, giving the user complete control of environmental temperatures. VRV systems continuously adjust the levels of anti-freeze sent to each evaporator and leverage any existing cold air or heat present in your building.
    Our technicians have the necessary know-how in understanding and handling these relatively new and innovative air-conditioning systems. 

    Circuit Board (PCB) Replacement

    As much as air-conditioning systems are mechanical, they are also electrical. PCB can be quite complicated and challenging to fixbecause factors such as operating voltage, damaged wiring, and short-circuiting are common.

    Replacement of PCBs is more expensive than repair. Our professional technicians have the skill in knowing whether to fix PCBs or replace them.

    Why Choose CoolX Aircon? 

    We Deliver Emergency Aircon Repair and Maintenance Services

    Aircon systems are mechanical and electrical, and as such, can fail at a moment's notice. At CoolX Aircon, we have a dedicated emergency response team that will respond within the shortest time possible. We provide services round the clock, and you can rest assured that we will be there for you whatever the hour.

    Professional Technicians

    Our engineers and technicians are highly professional and qualified in aircon servicing and installation. With this calibre of personnel, we will always deliver high-quality service.

    Over 10 Years of Experience

    Cool Safe Aircon is a fully-licensed contractor, authorised to install, maintain, fixing, and service air conditioning systems in residential, HDB, commercial, and industrial facilities.

    Our ten years of know-how in air conditioner servicing empowers us to install safely and by regulations, protecting your investment.

    90 Day Workmanship Warranty

    We believe in our services and assure you of absolute, risk-free services. If you encounter any problem with our workmanship, do not hesitate; give us a call, and we will attend to the problem right away.

    When Do You Need To Hire An Aircon Service Company? 

    • Unusual Noises
      Should your air conditioner make any strange noises, call for service. Hissing usually indicates a refrigerant leak, while gurgling can mean low refrigerant levels. High- pitched, squealing sounds are indicative of faulty fan motor belts.
    • The System Is Not Cooling Enough
      When you turn on your air conditioner, but it does not cool your home, call your local aircon company. It could indicate that the thermostats or compressor is faulty. Only a licensed professional will be able to advise you comprehensively.
    • A Sudden Increase in Your Electric Bill
      A sudden hike in your electricity bill is also indicative of a problem with your AC unit. Causes include a duct leak, dirty air filters, failing parts, or low refrigerant levels. Lack of maintenance can lead to all of these.
    • Water Leakages
      Water leakages are a sure sign that your air-conditioning unit is not working correctly. Not only could the leaking water potentially cause damage to your home or office, but it could also be dangerous. 

    As with all the problems above, do not attempt a DIY solution. It is best to immediately contact us at us to fix the problem.

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